tagging pics of female idols


tagging pics of male idols


Track Title: take me to church

Artist: bee lycaeas

Album: i'm sorry

SO this took an irritating number of takes to get a full one because i kept a) fucking up the lyrics or b) getting interrupted. there was one instance where i’d taken a really good take and was on the last chorus and suzie came into my room literally on THE LAST LINE and i was so gutted

and this is still not perfect obviously but my throat hurts and im DONE so here is my absolute insult to Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”

i guess that’s what i get for only recording stuff acoustically w/o layers or whatever

  • Me: It's been nearly a month since I last used heat tools on my hair!
  • Rose: You look like Sideshow Bob.

Lanna was being a douche on Facebook so I shook my head at her and drank some of her chai. Douche tax.


If you were wondering if the Lumberjanes #7 cover was a reference to something…yes it was!

that pic of haz tho with the girl with braces and a 5sos shirt

yeah that’s the face i make when i see 5sos fans too

i spent the afternoon going on a long walk with my dad and it was really nice actually

  • Naughty Boy: oh did you hang out with the one direction team last night?
  • Zayn: you know yeah I did
  • Naughty boy: oh really I love one direction!
  • Zayn: you hate one direction
  • Naughty boy: YA NO SHIT! HONEY!
Look what arrived in the mail @lanna____ !!! #loopstationfantasies #cometolife

Look what arrived in the mail @lanna____ !!! #loopstationfantasies #cometolife

i need to wake up at a respectable time to wash oil out of my hair

idek if i have art tomorrow i’m assuming no and if i’m wrong well that’s whatever i’ll miss a week nobody reminded me so what am i supposed to do, huh?

ok ok good night


my dad’s facebook statuses are an adventure



also: new favourite reaction image to everything

bringing back this post i made like six months ago