Stuff I doodled today

batcii said: 

Whaaaattt when are you going London have I mentioned that I hate you

well i’m going to rome in january for this summer school thing (!!!!!) and so i’m gonna go to london first and have a bit of a mini eurotrip on the way down!!! rly excited!! can’t wait tbh is this semester over yet

uwu i hate u too

bee print loafers

:( :( :(

shit in that pic of harry his bun game is so fucking strong and for a second i thought he had a lip ring and i was like “yoooooooo”

Me: takes off jumper to sunbathe in white Tshirt
Me: drops roast vegetables all over boobs
Me: fuck ok

I’m funny damnit

Track Title: Cigarette Daydreams

Artist: Cage The Elephant

Album: Melophobia


you can drive all night, looking for answers in the pouring rain

Otherkin has got to be the biggest load I’ve ever seen tbh

time to call it a night

(or alternatively: darktime, misty-black-goo-hours, daily shame spiral, worrycoma, regularly scheduled acceptance of the void)